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Darkcarmenn Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Me voy a ir a la playa en valencia ojala todo baña vien esta vez sera a partamento con pisciana
RavenRoth19 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013
sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.I asked "why?"The angel said "angels don't watch over angels."Twenty one angels are IN your world. Ten of them are sleeping, Ten are playing, one is reading this message.Send this to ten friends including me. I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies, someone you love will quietly surprise you.Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says its over. A blessing is coming your way.If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP Everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain.Send to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
MeLiNaHTheMixed Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Feliz cumpleaños!
Darkcarmenn Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
Someone's Death
A day in the digital world was a Exveemon one blacksalamon salamon and were walking in the digital world salamon was heavily guarded by the truth Exveemon loved him much favor to protect them until one day they found a dark Digimon then The attack was launched Exveemon Seadramon and they launched a water tornado Exveemon stood the means of protecting both salamon
- Exveemon you okay? 'Says blacksalamon
-If blacksalamon says Exveemon
-But I have just this attack Exveemon says Seadramon
-X-says Exveemon
. Gave Seadramon fully to hurt so much that egg released two nerfertimon one dark and one good the Exveemon took them and gave it to the two.
- Why would not you give? 'Says salamon
-That says blacksalamon Exveemon
-Because they are your eggs, says Exveemon
.'s Salamon digivolucionarian did not know whether to gatomon
They walked suddenly give Seadramon met with before and I throw an attack Exveemon was stranded while Seadramon salamon went for the running but the Seadramon digivoluciono to poor Exveemon MegaSeadramon still trapped the salamon digevolucionaron to blackgatomon and Gatomon and I launched an attack but then left again before being salamon cage broke and saved energy Exveemon
-Thanks girls says Exveemon
. Continue walking when they find a castle when they hear
-Nightmare says one mysterious night
- What is this guy? 'Says Exveemon
-Well let's see, 'says salamon
. Van Castle and encounter an evil Digimon was going to kill Exveemon salamon but got in the way and gave him full then lay dying
-Girls before I die I want to tell you that you and wanted so much to have given my life to see sooner or later I want you to bear my data and digivolucionar to LadyDevimon and Angewomon to destroy, says Exveemon
. Were killed and digevolucinaron Exveemon these Digimon and beat him.
Darkcarmenn Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
La Muerte De Alguien
Un día en el mundo digital había un Exveemon un salamon y un blacksalamon iban caminando en el mundo digital los salamon iba muy bien protegidas por el Exveemon la verdad le querían mucho por el favor de protegerlas hasta que un día se encontraron con un Digimon oscuro entonces el Exveemon se lanzo al ataque seadramon y les lanzo un tornado de agua el Exveemon se puso en medio para proteger a las dos salamon
-¿Exveemon estas bien?-dice blacksalamon
-si blacksalamon-dice Exveemon
-pero no tengo solo ese ataque Exveemon-dice seadramon
-X-dice Exveemon
.Le dio de lleno al seadramon le dolió tanto que soltó dos huevo de nerfertimon uno oscuro y otro bueno el Exveemon los cogió y se lo dio a las dos.
-¿para que no los das?-dice salamon
-eso Exveemon-dice blacksalamon
-porque son vuestros huevos-dice Exveemon
.Las salamon no sabían si digivolucionarian a gatomon
Siguieron caminando dé repente se encontraron con el seadramon de antes y le tiro un ataque a Exveemon se quedo atrapado mientras el seadramon iba a por las salamon corrían pero el seadramon digivoluciono a megaseadramon el pobre Exveemon seguía atrapado las salamon digevolucionaron a blackgatomon y a Gatomon y les lanzaron un ataque entonces se fue pero antes de volver ser salamon rompieron la jaula de energía y salvaron a Exveemon
-gracias chicas-dice Exveemon
.Siguen caminando cuando se encuentran un castillo cuando oyen
-pesadilla nocturna-dice alguien misterioso
-¿Qué será ese tipo?-dice Exveemon
-bueno vamos a verlo-dice salamon
.Van al castillo y se encuentran con un Digimon malvado les iba a matar a las salamon pero el Exveemon se puso en medio y le dio de lleno entonces estaba agonizando
-chicas antes de morir quiero deciros que os e querido mucho que hubiese a ver dado mi vida antes o después quiero que os que deis mis datos y digivolucionar a ladydevimon y angewomon para destruirle-dice Exveemon
.Se murió Exveemon y digevolucinaron a esos digimons y le vencieron.
KaaLover Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for watching! ^^
shiyuban Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
thank you for watch ^^
WolfloverRanger Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
thanks for the fave
Darkcarmenn Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
soy española
RavenRoth19 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
Thank you for the fave and for the watch.
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